Friday, September 15, 2006

Art Show

Last night was a very exciting art show where sarah (my daughter) and I did paintings side by side next to eachother.

Side by Side

Inspiration for “Tree”

Among other things, trees represent ancient protection.

Some say that certain people are tree people. I believe that I’m inspired by one of these amazing people and she happens to be my daughter, Sarah.

When we decided to do the side by side show, we chose the famous old sycamore tree in Simsbury as our inspiration. To my amazement I discovered a face in the trunk of the tree.

Well, this has been an interesting and challenging journey, partly because I’m unaccustomed to this subject matter and partly because of the surprising result of the painting, which by the way, I‘m not too sure about. Is it weird or what?

My Painting

Sarah's Painting


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